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CA. Bill SB 970 was written by AI Developer and Persona CEO Josh Bocanegra and introduced to the Senate Committee by Senator Angelique Ashby.

This bill establishes a legal framework for regulating artificial intelligence voice, image, and video cloning technology. 

SB 970 will do the following:

(1) Expand the definition of false impersonation to include the use of AI-generated synthetic voices, videos, and images when used deceitfully.

(2) Clarify that legally, synthetic voices or likenesses convincingly resembling real ones will be treated as the actual voice or likeness of the depicted person in civil cases.

(3) Require the Judicial Council to develop authentication procedures for AI-generated evidence in court.

Josh Bocanegra provided testimony to the Senate Committee in Sacramento, CA., on April 9th, 2024 (Watch Here)

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